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ALU ALPREM, d.o.o., has for more than 15 years been successfully continuing the tradition of the company ALPREM, d.d., which in more than 50 years of operation became a symbol for high-quality building elements from aluminium. The scope of our business includes production and installation of aluminium building elements of various quality and price levels.

Our sales programme mostly comprises:

The wide product range also includes:

·aluminium windows and doors

·glass roofs and jutting roofs

·modern glass facades

·balcony and garden fences

·glass partition walls


·fire-resistant elements


Our services include consulting, planning, production and installation. We furthermore provide maintenance and after-sales services.

The long-standing tradition, professionalism, responsibility and reliability of our workers as well as the high quality of final products, and the broad and flexible product range ensure that you will be satisfied with the ordered elements. The advantage of our company over our competitors is the wide expertise knowledge and rich experience that over the years we gained in the most demanding projects both abroad and in Slovenia.

Our products meet the most stringent Slovenian and European requirements with regard to safety and energy efficiency. Out most used systems are Schüco and AluK, and these two high-quality systems enable us to meet the strictest requirements in the field of safety, comfort and design.

We operate in Slovenia and in the EU. With our products we are equipping different buildings, from individual flats and family houses to large office buildings and shopping centres. Our cooperation with building designers, continuous development and improvement as well as listening to the needs and wishes of our investors enable us to keep abreast of the times.

With the production and installation of high-quality, architecturally efficient and cost-effective aluminium building elements we aim to raise the quality of living to a higher level.

Quality policy

The quality policy of ALU ALPREM, d.o.o., comprises fundamental policies and values that developed in our company over time. Our most important value is a satisfied customer – inextricably linked to this value is quality. The ongoing efforts to improve the quality with regard to technological equipment, working conditions, final products and services (installation, servicing) is a constant task of all our employees.

Our quality policy obliges them to maintain and further improve the established quality system. Only this way can we meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Certifikat kakovosti

Certifikat kakovosti

Our fundamental values

Satisfied customer

A satisfied customer is a certificate of quality which is the most important for us.


Quality for us is a high-quality product that complies with all valid standards and meets the customer's needs and expectations.

Responsibility and reliability

We complete every order or task in time and by ensuring high quality.

Cooperation and mutual respect

Trust and mutual respect connect us to a cooperative, responsive and flexible team.


By fulfilling the wishes and needs of our customers we try to make impossible become possible.

Competence and innovativeness

We master our trade. We are constantly improving and we compare ourselves with those who are better than us.


We spend our sources, resources and work time efficiently and economically, placing an emphasis on energy efficiency and respect for the environment.


The company ALU ALPREM, d.o.o., belongs to the largest providers of aluminium building elements in Slovenia. It continues the long-standing tradition of the industrial undertaking ALPREM, which has been present on the domestic and foreign markets with its name for more than 50 years. We are trying to retain the high reputation of the company, whereby our expertise and experience enable us to successfully complete even the most demanding projects. By offering high-quality, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building elements, we are improving the quality of living. We moreover care for our employees and ensure good working conditions, possibility of additional training and social security.


We pay particular attention to protection of the environment – our production burdens the environment to a minimal extent, we use natural gas for heating and also our products are environmentally friendly.


Vision of the company ALU ALPREM, d.o.o., is to become the most valued producer of aluminium building elements and to continue ensuring that the company name remains a synonym for quality. Also in future, we would like to assert ourselves as a company that offers more for the same price compared to our competitors.


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