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> 60 years since the first alu window 


It was 60 years ago when Alprem launched a new product in Slovenia: the first aluminium window. More...


ELES, Ljubljana

We are currently building the largest glass facade in Slovenia for ELES in Ljubljana. Together with the classical glass facade we are also building fire-proof EI30 glass facade.









> Donation to the maternity hospital in Ljubljana

Similarly as in the previous years, in 2017 Alu alprem made a donation to the maternity hospital in Ljubljana for the renovation of the intensive-care unit for newborn children.


> KERAMAG, Magdeburg, Germany

Alu alprem has already successfully implemented a project for the leading producer of sanitary products in Europe - Geberit (CH). We will now build the new show room and renovate the office building Keramag Haldensleben: the entire alu construction, glazing, facade cladding and inner partition walls.









> Certificate for business excellence

Alu alprem is one of the first Slovenian companies that has for the fifth year been granted the certificate Excellent SME Slovenia.

The certificate is awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and credit report house COFACE to companies for their business excellence.


> ARAKAWASTRASSE, Vienna, Austria

In Vienna, we will produce alu windows, doors, sliding doors, staircase facade and fire-resistant elements for the project Arakawastrasse. The project was obtained by mm alprem GmbH.





> This year, Alu alprem received the Gold Creditworthiness AAA - the highest ranking awarded by Bisnode AB at the European level. It is based on financial statements of the company for the last financial years and predicts the safety of its operations for the following twelve months.






> ALDI, Italy 

ALDI is coming to Italy. Alu alprem produced all alu joinery and glazing for the first three objects in Fidenza, Manzano and Reano. More ...









> Four years ago, Alu alprem received the certificate "Schüco Premium Partner".






>  EFAFLEX, Bruckberg, Germany

For the new business premises Efaflex in the town of Bruckberg in Germany, we produced facade glazing, sliding doors, windows and doors. More ...








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